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The Chimes operates a cash free Car Park
We have over 1,550 car parking spaces including disabled, parent & child spaces and EV charging points, and has direct access to The Chimes, available over six levels.

You can now park using ANPR camera recognition, which scans your registration plate on entry, with no need for a ticket!*

Ways to pay:

Via the ticket machines 
Enter your registration number at any pay machine and follow the instructions on the screen.

Discounted parking!  

Work or study in the Town? Live in the town and need parking? or do you park here and then use the bus or tube for the rest of your journey? We offer a daily reduced rate.

Email or to see the offers we have for you.

Blue Badge Holders
Enter your registration number at any pay machine, scan your blue badge and follow the instructions on the screen.

Pay machines are available in the Centre. Please note we only accept contactless payments.

For enquiries, please email

*Please be advised you will be issued a ticket if the ANPR cameras are unable to detect your registration plate.

To see the full car park terms and conditions, click here.

Level 1 is a 24 hour car park. Level 2 – 6 are open 06:00 – 01:00 hours. All car parks have direct lift access to the Centre.

**Evenings 6pm – 1am is valid only if you arrive after 6pm and leave before 1am. Arriving or departing outside of those times results in standard hour charges.


Register for Parking Perks!

Parking Perks is our brand new scheme, where we have exciting offers and promotions coming up exclusively for our parkers!

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Disabled Parking Bays

Spaces are usable for up to 6 hours free.

We have plenty of designated disabled car parking spaces available in The Chimes car park, with direct access to the mall.

We hold DPA accreditation (The Disabled Parking Accreditation), meaning our car parks have accessible bays, clear signage, ease of access, accessible payment machines, good lighting and bay enforcements. Plus, blue badge holders can park for free for up to 6 hours once you’ve validated your ticket in Shop Mobility or give your badge number when you press the call button at the exit.

Motorcycle Parking

You can find motorcycle parking on level 1 of our car park. Our motorbike parking flat rate is £2.50 per day. As motorcycles do not weigh enough to trigger the barriers to lift, please press the Help Button at the barriers and our security team will produce a £2.50 charge for you to pay at the exit. As we are a cashless car park, please ensure you have a debit/credit card for the payment.

Parent Parking Bays

The Chimes has over 1,550 car parking spaces including parent & child spaces and has direct access to The Chimes, available over six levels. 

Corporate Parking

Park with us from as little as £6 per day.

With direct access to shops & the Town Centre and over 1,550 spaces, parking couldn’t get more convenient.

for options to solve your parking requirements, tailored to fit your business please contact

Car Wash

Wash, Shop & Go are our brand new car wash company offering 15 years experience with the use of only 100% bio degradable products. 

Find Wash Shop & Go on Level 2 of the Car Park. 

EV Charging

Tesla's Supercharger network allows you to stay charged on the go. Plug in at any of our locations on Level 1, grab a cup of coffee or make a trip to the shops and get back on the road. Normal parking tariff applies.

FIND OUT MORE: Uxbridge, UK | Tesla

Car Park FAQs

How can I pay?

We are a cash free pay on exit car park.

You can pay at any pay machine via credit or debit card (we do not take American Express) located on level 1-4 of the car park.

You can pay via your phone by clicking on this link or scanning the QR code we have on site for one off payment. Payment is made when you are ready to leave the car park not on entry or in advance.

If you are a frequent customer at the chimes you can set up an account online populated with your card payment and number plate details and this will bill you each time you leave the centre, so you will not be required to visit a pay machine.

What time do you open and close?

The car park opens at 6am until 1am. During the Period of 1am-6am only level 1 is open, so if you require access to your car during these hours you will need to park on this level.

How do I use my blue badge for my 6 hours free parking?

When you are ready to leave you go to any pay machine, type in your number plate and a charge will be displayed, it then then prompts you to make payment or scan your blue badge, at this point scan the bar code on your blue badge, this will discount up to 6 hours charge. Once complete please head to the exit.

I’m a blue badge holder, can I stay longer than 6 hours?

Yes of course, this is no problem. You will get your first 6 hours for free by scanning your badge at a pay machine and any additional time will be charged as per the tariff.

Can I stay longer than 24 hours?

Yes, you can stay in our car park for longer stays, this is no problem. The tariff will show prices up to 24 hours, but for longer stays you just add the tariff periods together, for example if you stayed Monday 9am to Friday at 1pm you would pay:

4 x up to 24 hours
1 x up to 4 hours

The car park opens at 6am until 1am. During the Period of 1am-6am only level 1 is open, so if you require access to your car during these hours you will need to park on this level.

Can I pre-book a space or reserve a specific space?

No, we do not pre-book or reserve spaces in our car park. However, we are a large multi-storey and we do not find our customers have to many problems finding a space.

Is there a maximum height for your car park?

Yes 2.1M

Does the Chimes offer preferential rates to the employees of its centre and stores?

Yes, speak to your manager for details on how to apply

Where are your blue badge bays located?

Blue badge bays are located on each level of the car park close to the lifts, level 2 has the largest amount of blue badge bays

Where are your parent and child bays located?

We have large child and parent bays located on each level of the car park close to the lifts.

Do you recognise the Hillingdon Brown badge scheme?

Yes, we have 3 brown badge bays on level 3, 4 and 5

Do you take the Hillingdon first card?

No this is for council run car parks and facilities only

Do you have EV bays

Yes, we have 12 x tesla super charge bays, these are located on level 1 and are open for use 24 hours a day.

Normal parking tariff applies when you are charging

I am coming for dinner and the cinema, do I pay for the

Can I pay for parking before I come?

No, we are a pay on exit car park.

Do you offer parking scheme for people working, living or commuting from the town?

Yes, please contact who will be able to give you more details.

Is the car park safe?

Our car park has the “Park mark plus” award, and we have security on site 24/7, all levels are well lit, and all bar level 6 are under cover.

Why is your car park not reading my number plate?

There are several possible options for this, it could simply be a one off and will work on other visits, it could be the plate is damaged, has a reflective film on it, is non-standard DVLA compliant, 3d, 4d plates can sometimes cause issues as can non-standard spacing. Non-standard plate placement or even system error our end. Don’t worry if it doesn’t recognise your plate the system will give you a ticket and when you are ready to leave rather than putting your car registration into the car park machine just scan the ticket, this will allow payment, then take this ticket to use for exit.

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